Choza Records

Choza Records”, born from the collaboration with the Association “Art & art” and Carles GR. They work together on the project "Jam Session" in Louviers’s town since 2007. In 2008, born "Louviers Jazz Festival" where Carles GR is the artistic director, and in 2012, “Choza Records” opens his doors in Rouen's city, as only aim of facilitating the diffusion of the different musical current today in Normandy.

The purpose of “Choza Records”, is making available to musicians at minimal cost (voluntary sector), the tools needed for musicians of one recording studio.

Choza Records” provides the musician, audio tracks, arrangements or composition, session musicians, mixing and mastering, an aid to the graphical part of the project, guidance on how to perform promoting their music to the media (radio, press, TV) or search for concerts.


Material available in “Choza Records”:


Apple Mac Pro 5.1 (2x3,46Mhz, 12 cores, 64 Go RAM)



Harrison Mixbus 32C

Cockos Reaper

Apple Logic PRO X



Acoustic Energy AE22
Wharfedale Modus

Drawmer MC 3.1

SSL Nucleus

SPL Madison 16 Ch.

SPL MixDream

Art HeadAmp 6 PRO

Samson Servo 200

Headphones Sony MDR-7509, Audio Technica, Roland.



SSL SuperAnalogue pre

Universal Audio LA-610

Focusrite Green 3
Aphex 107

Drawmer 1968

Eventide Eclipse



1 Charter Oak SA 538B

2 Shure KSM 137

1 AKG C 1000 S
1 Audio Technica 3035
1 Nohype Audio LRM1 (large ribbon)


Preamp Guitar

Mesa Boogie Triaxis

BBE 386 Acoustic Preamp

Boss AD-5

Palmer PGA 05